One Girls Passion….Another Girls Pain

May you be single, Married, divorced, or widowed, “One Girls Passion, Another Girls Pain” is an event for you .  This event is for ladies only, who are12 years of age and older.  Young ladies who are in Jr. High are welcome to attend with their mother.  We do not provide childcare and ask that you do not bring children.  
At our events we share that every lady has been created for a purpose in this life by a loving Father who loves us unconditionally.  Every lady desires to be loved and often times we are confused by what “true love” is.  We live in a world that makes it so hard to recognize or understand love.  As a result we often times mistaken love for a false love which only leads to poor choices that lead to pain. Once we have made those choices, we often times hide the pain, or we run from the pain, only to make more choices that leads to more pain.  Before we know it our lives are filled with guilt, shame, and a deep pain that makes us feel so unworthy to be of any good for anyone to love.  At our events we encourage and share that, “it does not matter what mistakes we have made we can turn from a life that has brought us pain, and we can begin a new life that will bring “Beauty out of Ashes”.
Often times when we hear the word Purity we run.  We run because the word “Purity” convicts us. Most of us have been misguided by the true meaning of purity which makes us feel that we could never be pure or of any good because we do not know what it truly means to be pure. 
So, Please DO NOT RUN!!!!! and please DO NOT be turned off by the word purity.  This in not just another purity event.   
“One Girls Passion, Another Girls Pain” is a Legacy Event that I am confident will not only encourage you, but it will change your life.
Our Legacy Events are faith based and YES we do encourage sexual abstinence.  But, what we share and encourage, is the truth that every one of us are guilty of impurity.  “Purity begins in the heart and in the mind”.   Though one lady may appear to be pure, her heart and mind might be just as impure as the lady who lives her life in a way that is evident of an impure life.  At our events we share helpful and encouraging testimonies from ladies who once lived the pain that you might be currently living due to poor choices. These ladies have learned from their mistakes, and they have made changes in their heart, mind, and life that has replaced the pain they were living with a joy that they would like to share with you.   We hear teachings on “True Love” as we share the importance of preparing ourselves for the husband that God has planned for us. 
For those who are married, we share that there is purity in marriage.  Many marriages are filled with pain and a lack of true love due to impure hearts, minds, and actions. 
We also share that “beauty is within”.  We spend so much time making sure that we look beautiful on the outside, yet, we fail to spend the time needed to make sure that our true beauty is within our hearts and minds.   A life of purity is for all ladies, and it is a life that is possible for all ladies to live, no matter what we have done in our past, or what we may be doing today.  We can be forgiven and we can begin to live a new life that will fill our hearts and minds with pure joy. 
At our events, we provide a lunch, and a fun filled day with lots of laughter, as well as tears.  
Our events are held every August on a Saturday that falls closest to August 20th.  We also provide a Mentoring Ministry that goes along with our Annual Events.  We will notify you soon with the date of our next event.
“A Legacy is the part of you that lives on in those you leave behind”
Each of us will leave a legacy for others to remember.  What part of your life can you leave behind for others to apply to their life that will allow them to live a pure, joyful, and lasting life?  Come and hear how you can live and leave a lasting Legacy.
Due to the Covid Pandemic our events and ministry has been put on hold.  Please join us in prayer for the time that we are able to resume. It is our hope to resume with a new event in August of 2022.  We look so forward to that day.
Please feel free to visit our website at and click on all of the listed topics to learn more about the Legacy that was left for us to share.  I hope you are encouraged and I hope you are able to join us soon. 

For more information contact Sherrill at (661) 477-3533 or at