What girls are saying

If you have attended a previous “One Girl’s Passion, Another Girl’s Pain” Purity Event and would like to share your experience with others here is your chance.

Please write me in the comment form below. I would love to hear from you. When you write please let me know if you would like to have your letter posted on this website for our guests to read. If you would like to share your story but remain anonymous just write to me and let me know you would like to share your experience but not have your name posted and I will just quote some the letter without listing your name.

In each case I will always reply back to you and communicate with you before I post anything and know I would never share anything without your consent. Obviously not ever letter could be posted so if you would like your letter to be considered please include a return email address or phone number so that I can verify the information shared is accurate.

I also want to encourage any of you moms to write me and let me know from your perspective what the Purity Events have meant to your daughters. I would also enjoy learning how the events have assisted you in communicating with your daughter or the young women with whom you may be mentoring. I would also welcome letters from dads whose daughter attended the events and may have shared some of their experiences with you too.

Please know that these writings not only help me but they help our guest readers know more about our Purity Events and the difference that they are making in the life of women who attend them.

Thank you so very much for each of your writings and contributions to this website.

Live, Laugh, Love….
Sherrill Gould