Danielle’s Photos

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The slide show begins with Danielle and her best friend Bree Osthimer who had a friendship like I have never witnessed before.  She loved her best friend so very much.  They both loved dressing up for a Harvest Carnival that we host each year at our church. I think in this picture, they were dressed to be homeless or maybe they were just dressed up as boys.  You never knew with them.  Then the slide show moves on to her life with her friends at school, she was, “the life of the party” as they say at any event and she was like a magnet to those in her midst.  Danielle loved her Grandpa Bob and she loved her family, which are those in the next couple pictures.  The picture of Danielle, her sister Dezarei and her two cousins, Sonny and David was taken at Pismo Beach, which was a place that her grandma Kathy took them each summer.

School and her education were very important to Danielle and as fun and crazy as she was, she knew when to be serious and respectful to her teachers and those in authority.  She received many different awards at science fairs and she even received the Juliet Thorner award while attending Harding Elementary.

One of my favorite pictures is the one with her sitting on a rock at Hart Park.  She could be such a sweet little angel.  Then she would bust out like a rock star as seen in the next picture at one of our Christmas family times together at her Papa Freddie’s house.  Life with Danielle was filled with much laughter and even more, with love that made you want to be around her and is why she is so terribly missed even now. Danielle leaves behind a joyful Legacy; a life lived to the fullest, overflowing with laughter and love.  Enjoy browsing her pictures we share here and check back every so often as we have countless photos we hope to share with you.

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