Host a Legacy Event at your church

How to host a “One Girl’s Passion Another Girls Pain” purity event.
Living a life of purity in today’s world is no simple task as we are inundated daily with thousands of images and messages that seek to produce anything but a life of purity. Knowing that we have created a one day seminar, “One Girl’s Passion, Another Girls Pain” Purity Conference that we would love to come and share with you at your church or civic organization.

There are two ways to go about hosting, “One Girl’s Passion, Another Girls Pain” at your church or civic group.

1. Schedule a, “One Girls Passion…” event where a team of young women and Mothers who along with myself, will come and spend the day with you. We will share from the Word of God, and you will hear powerful testimonies of His love and grace, from girls who have experienced the hurt and pain of bad choices and living an impure life. You will hear from girls who are walking in victory, living vibrant passionate lives for the Lord and enjoying healthy relationships. By days end you will know the power of love, the forgiveness available in failure and the strength God has made available to us to live a life of purity. I know you will be blessed with this format.
2. Schedule a, “One Girls Passion…” event where I work with you using girls of your choosing from your church or organization to speak along side me at your local event. The format is the same, only the testimonies will be from young girls and women closer to the women in your group which may assist you in connecting your group together for further mentoring after the event as relationships are deepened by the transparency of the women in your church or group who share that day.

In either case, I am here to serve you. Feel free to call or write me with questions and specific needs. My office phone number is 661-397-6000 and my e-mail address is I look forward to working with you.

“One Girls Passion, Another Girls Pain”

Seventeen years old and just months before Danielle was killed she came to me, her Mother, and she asked me if I would consider mentoring her and some of her close friends, speaking into their lives specifically on the need they have to live lives of sexual purity. To say I was overwhelmed by her request would be an understatement. After all, I remembered back to when I was seventeen. I was not going to my own Mother and asking for her help to remain sexually pure. Actually, it was the very opposite, as at seventeen I was going to my Mom to let her know that I was pregnant and getting married. I felt so inadequate to teach my daughter in an area of life where I myself had failed yet I knew God was calling me to do so and that He would provide for me the wisdom and the strength to do so.

We began to gather materials and to discuss a format that would best meet the needs of each of the girls participating. It seemed that with each book we collected and began to glean that my passion and desire to teach my daughter and friends grew. Oh, I was still very scared and the inadequacy remained but the need was so evident now how could I not take the time and share with these young girls the struggles, and the heartaches that come with falling into sexual sin and to assist them in finding the right answers to their questions. After all, I knew the hurt first hand and yet I too had experienced first hand the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and was still after all these years enjoying my marriage to the father of my two daughters.
Unfortunately, Danielle was killed in a tragic car accident just days before her Senior year of high school so we never had the chance to get together with her friends and go through the books and materials Danielle and I had gathered together to study. It was on the one-year anniversary of her death that I felt the Lord calling me to honor my precious little girl’s life by hosting a “Purity Event” in memory of her. With the help of my pastor we came up with a format and a name for the event, which we have titled, “One Girls Passion, Another Girls Pain”.

Now, some five years later, “One Girls Passion, Another Girls Pain” has become a gift and a tool that I have been given by God and by my daughter Danielle to help me assist girls of all ages to live a life of purity. This annual event at our church has become one of my passions in this life and though it is a difficult task, the fruit that these events are producing in the lives of countless women is worth it all and is why I am now reaching out and making the events possible for others to participate in by hosting one too. Understand, purity is far more than just dealing with sexual purity and abstinence training. Purity begins in the heart and mind and during the course of the day’s events we provide tools and support to young girls in attendance on how to protect their minds and to guard their hearts.

This passion and desire for purity that Danielle had has now become the desire of her older sister, Dezarie, and together she and I get the joy of working along side one another as we both plan and host these purity events each year at our church and wherever the Lord leads us to share.

If it is your desire to help the women in your life, maybe your daughter(s) and her friends, your church youth group, Girl Scout group, or any other type of organization that involves women or young girls then I would love to help you put on a “One Girls Passion, Another Girls Pain”, Purity Conference.

It is my desire to reach out to churches, to mothers, and women’s organizations that have a desire to help women of all ages live a life of purity. Teaching purity to young women was one of Danielle’s passions and desires and with your help I get to see that they come true, for the glory of God! I look forward to hearing from you.

God bless you,

Sherrill Gould